Prior Years

Convocation 2018

Program Highlights: Saturday, September 15, 2018 Convocation Program 2018 Welcome Remarks by President Maud S. Mandel Student Remarks Elizabeth Hibbard ’19 and Moisés Roman Mendoza ’19, College Council Co-Presidents Student Musician Spring on Tianshan Mountain by Wu… Continue reading »

Convocation 2017

Saturday, September 16, 2017 Convocation Program Highlights Convocation Program 2017 Student Remarks Allegra J. Simon ’18, College Council Co-President Student Musician Spanish Dance No. 1 by Manuel de Falla, transcribed for harp by Marcel Grandjany performed by Anna L. DeLoi… Continue reading »

Convocation 2016

Saturday, September 17, 2016 Convocation Program Highlights Convocation Program 2016 Student Remarks Michelle C. Bal ’17 and Caitlin A. C. Buckley ’17, College Council Co-Presidents   video Student Musicians Gabriel J. Morosky ’17 and Samantha J. Stone ’17 Light Blue by Thelonious Monk Bicentennial Medalist Citations Video Eliot… Continue reading »

Convocation 2015

Saturday, September 19, 2015 Convocation Program Highlights Convocation Program 2015 Student Remarks Marcus A. Christian II ’16, and  Jesús Espinoza ’16, College Council Co-Presidents   video Student Musicians Patricia Ho ’16, Claire C. Leyden ’16, Daniel R. Potter ’16, Helen Tang ’16, perform S’io non moro a questi accenti by Wolfgang… Continue reading »

Convocation 2014

Saturday, September 20, 2014 Convocation Program Highlights Download the complete 2014 Convocation Program Student Remarks Emily Dzieciatko ’15 and Erica L. Moszkowski ’15, College Council Co-Presidents    video Student Musicians Ethan D. Borre ’15, Patricia Ho ’16, and Elaina C. Pullano ’15 perform Parto, parto, ma… Continue reading »

Convocation 2013

Convocation Address by William R. Moomaw ’59, remarks by College Co-Presidents Adrian Castro '14 and Max Heninger ’14; music by Cassandra D. McLellen ’14. Continue reading »

Convocation 2012

Convocation Address by Erin I. Burnett ’98; remarks by College Council Co-Presidents Krista M. Pickett ’13 and Peter J. Skipper ’13; music by David A. Kealhofer ’13. Continue reading »

Convocation 2011

Convocation address by Dr. Michael F. Roizen ’67; remarks by College Council Co-Presidents Francesca G. Barrett ’12 and Nicholas J. Fogel ’12; music by Laone T. Thekiso ’12. Continue reading »

Convocation 2010

Induction of Adam Falk as President of the College; music by Robert Pasternak ’11, Aspen L. Jordan’11, and Woo Chan Lee ’11; Convocation Address by Daniel Kleppner ’53. Continue reading »

Convocation 2009

Convocation address by Senator Mark E. Udall ’72; remarks by College Co-Presidents Elizabeth B. Brickley ’10 and Michael S. Tcheyan ’10; music by Kathleen M. Palmer ’10, Brian T. Simalchik ’10, and Alexander P. Taylor ’10. Continue reading »

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